Chapter 3 - The Addition

Chapter 3 - The Addition

Once the new roof was put into place, several decisions had to be made. One of them had to do with adding a conservatory or sunroom. Of utmost importance was adding a room that would not look like an obvious addition and whose style would be compatible with the house.

The question was also at what point in the process should this take place. It seemed to make sense that before the aluminum siding was removed, it would be best to add the sunroom. This way the whole house footprint would then be complete to be able to determine what would happen with its siding and trim. And the only way to answer that question would be to strip off the aluminum and see what was hidden underneath. That major event would need to wait.


The decision was now made to remove the deck and add the room in the back of the house to take advantage of the view.


This was the old deck that needed to be removed.

Since the wood was pressure treated, much of the old supports could be reused for other projects.


Here is what the back of the house looked like without the deck.

Remains of some concrete blocks can be seen. Apparently in earlier times

this was an outside patio.



The beginning of the foundation. Deep footings were poured previously

and were important since the addition sits at the end of a hill


The foundation beginning to take shape. Note that the aluminum siding had blown off during several windstorms,
exposing the underlying wood shingles which had massive holes. Also the shiny tabs sticking out of the blocks are designed for adherance of the brick outer layer.


The foundation is now virtually complete.

Adding the brickwork to the foundation. Not brick veneer but a layer of real brick.

This foundation was built to last.



The beginning of the framing and flooring.


The exterior shell complete except for choosing a color and painting the "pre-primed" siding.
The chosen siding was fiber cement, solid boardsthat look like wood and cut like wood.
The difference being these boards are made of silica and will not rot or have issues with insects.