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UPDATES - February 2010
A New Section featuring photos, history and information about Dr. Leo Hendrik Baekeland, the celebrated Yonkers resident who is known as the father of modern plastics. This special section showcases photos of his home "Snug Rock" in addition to other magnificent large homes in the immediate proximity at the turn of the last century. Of note is that The Yonkers Hudson River Museum will be hosting an exhibit about his life and inventions during the months of February thru June 2010. 

CLICK HERE TO see the Leo Baekeland's home "Snug Rock"and read about his accomplishments

UPDATES - January 2010
A New Section featuring photos, history and information about The Yonkers Music Hall has been added. Also called the Warburton Building and later in the 20th century called the Warburton Theatre, this building was built in 1884 as a hall perfectly suited to all sorts of live performances. Remember that in 1884 there was no recorded music.

UPDATES - December 2009
A New Section featuring photos, history and information about Yonkers Teutonia Hall has just been added to the site. Yonkers like many cities across the US was built by waves of immigrants in the late Victorian period and well into the early 20th Century. Teutonia Hall was built by German immigrants. Read and see its story.

Click HERE to read about Yonkers Teutonia Hall and view photos from 1900

UPDATES  - November 2009
Take a look at the Park Hill Brochure just posted in the Victorian Homes Section of this site. It is a very rare glimpse of Park Hill in its beginnings. A beautiful lithograph 1893 Map and several beautiful before (1891) and after (1893) views.

CLICK HERE to see the 1894 Park Hill brochure

UPDATES - October 2009
Several readers of this website have been gracious enough to send a number of their own Victorian era family photos. Check back soon as we continue to expand the new special section containing these personal contributions. They are unique and one of a kind examples of the extraordinary Victorian history of Yonkers that continues to live on through these descendents.