Soldiers and Sailors Monument 1891

Below is the story of the history and dedication ceremony of the Soldiers and Sailors Monument, a monument dedicated to those soldiers from Yonkers who helped save the Union. An original program is also included below. 
The dedication ceremonies began at at half past three on September 17, 1891. When you read this article you will agree this must have truly been a most spectacular day. More than 5,000 outsiders came to Yonkers to see it, businesses shut down, flags everywhere, a 200 person choir singing, a grandstand in front of Philipse manor holding 2000 people, a 21 gun salute by 6 inch diamenter cannons from a ship in the Hudson, 60 boats in parade, and 10,000 witnessing the occassion first hand. No one who was there is alive today, but the story is written for us to simply imagine what it was like.